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As others have said, you aren't alone in this. The replies above me have said that IBS is 'tailored' to the individual, which is so true. When you get a chance, definitely see a doctor about things and be as honest and upfront about. I was diagnosed with IBS 2 years ago. I’ve had it pretty severe, bad constipation, severe stomach cramps, intense diarrhea, even nausea and vomiting. I’ll have random cramps throughout the day, that are crippling. I’m lactose. Another good question is whether having IBS can cause depression. A large 12- year study did find that having IBS at the beginning of the study was associated with higher levels of anxiety and depression at the end of the study. Zoloft is making me suicidal OYes Buy Now! Best choice. Low price and best customer support! Only Quality tabs. U.S., Canada- fast shipping!. People usually get. 2008/01/14 · She was taking the SR. Now I take Zoloft and for the longest time I thought that was making my IBS and so did my shrink. So we tried to ween me off plus with as you know with us wanting to get preggo. But forget didnt work.

:- It really, really sucks being a young person with IBS. I know - I'm 22, myself, and I feel so depressed sometimes that I have suicidal thoughts quite frequently, even making the attempt earlier this year. It's easy to feel like we're. I suffered depression before ibs d and it has only worsened my life. It is extremely difficult, but there is alot in life I want to do. I hate when people give me the advice of "just keep pushing forward, things will get better". And I do try. Keeping your IBS a secret can be stressful and end up making your symptoms worse. It also blocks having positive social support that has long been associated with better treatment outcomes. Hiding your IBS.

Prospect of ndph is making me suicidal: Hello First of all please excuse my long message since I need to explain everything thoroughly. I have a long. Welcome! Sorry you are struggling. Please seek out help in your real life. 2013/08/25 · tbh I'm already pretty suicidal anyway, but school just makes me feel so stupid and like. and then the hw load I have I KNOW I can't get done and I get so stressed and have panic attacks just thinking about the work. 2016/06/10 · Hi everyone, Sorry about this post but I just wanted to get things off my chest as I have nobody to talk to about it, or those around me are sick of hearing about it. I started to develop 'minor' symptoms of TMD a couple of years ago.

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